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【OPEN CALL】2024-2025 Artist-in-Residence Surfy Space Open Call


Surfy Space, located in the center of Luodong City, is the first contemporary art exhibition and residency space in Yilan. We hope to import more art and cultural energy, open up Yilan's international connections, and bring in outstanding artists from home and abroad, so that more people will recognize Yilan's Luodong's unique humanistic flavor.



We welcome artists, cultural practitioners, researchers, experts, scholars, and professionals from various fields to practice with art in different ways. We will provide residency space in the heart of Luodong City for one to two months, including studios, exhibition spaces, living areas, kitchens, bathrooms, and work balconies. The rich cultural heritage and natural scenery will offer visitors to Luodong a incredible experience during their residency.















"2024-2025 Artist-in-Residence Surfy Space" Open Call


1.Individuals over the age of 20, both domestic and international artists and cultural workers, are eligible to apply if they propose unique perspectives related to Yilan.

2.The residency period is limited to two months each, between August 2024 and November 2025.

3.This residency program provides subsidies for transportation and living expenses.

4.Residents are required to organize at least one public event of any format and participate in one Hyper Wave annual exhibition (group exhibition).


*All applications must be submitted online through the "Hyper Wave" official website.

*For detailed information on the open call and residency spaces, please refer to the official website.

*"Hyper Wave" Art Team reserves the right to the final interpretation of this art residency program.

*This project has received operational subsidies from the Taiwan Ministry of Culture.

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